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The purpose of this website is to display the work I’ve done and provide an overview of my career experiences so far. This website is NOT currently listed anywhere on my resume or social platforms – it’s constantly changing since I’m still getting situated here in Phoenix and uploading more of my work as I go.

The reason being is that I plan to launch Lumu Digital in the next month, which is a brand that I will market my services out of. Lumu Digital’s website needs to be completely revamped and I’m in the process of market research in the Phoenix area to start – but once that’s complete, I’m ready to hit the ground running. Under Lumu, I will provide branding, video, and web design & development services to small-medium-sized companies and startups.

The passion to start my own business came from a young age. I learned everything on my own when it comes to these services because I started a YouTube channel when I was 12 years old. It was based around gaming video edits, graphic design speed arts, design tutorials, free graphics content, and more. I grew it to 3,000 subscribers within less than a year but “growing up” and financial needs took over and I wasn’t getting paid much for the work since I was so young.

I didn’t pick it back up until I was 19. I’ve been providing services on and off for years since then, but still have deep experience within Adobe Creative Suite and WordPress websites specifically.

I graduated from Michigan State University in 2019 where I got my Bachelor’s in Marketing. After that, I moved to Chicago to work as a Business Development Rep at Oracle NetSuite. I learned a lot about sales, time management, cold outreach to the C-Suite, ERP software, technical product demonstration, and much more. I’m deeply thankful for the opportunities I had and the people I met throughout the time I was there. However, I decided to leave and reassess what I wanted out of my career – something where my creative, communication, computer, and design skills may be utilized more effectively.

In my time off, I worked full-time for a couple of months for a local business (Leaf Police), which is based in my hometown. I did formal office work, and some other technology and design projects which are detailed in my resume below. I was also able to be a part of a supplement startup group (True Strength), where I was able to use my creativity to a fuller extent, primarily in design and marketing idea generation. It’s unfortunate, but after a lot of hard work that we did together, True Strength has been put on an indefinite pause by the primary owners. But I learned a lot and gained new skills through both of those experiences.

Work Experience

Leaf Police MI | Business Manager

Brighton, MI | Full-time from 10/2020 – 12/2020 / part-time projects since 02/2021

  • Adjusted to a new business and industry quickly, handling all back-office business operations within a week. This enabled the owners to focus on the jobs at hand and future growth goals in commercial as opposed to residential.
  • Answered/followed up on every call, voicemail, text, contact form submission, and social media message to get customers quotes or address their problems.
  • Made many improvements to website – revamped reviews, gallery, and about sections, created more location-specific pages to optimize local SEO, installed live chat feature that made it easier to communicate with customers and access real-time location data, built a more logical and detailed contact form, and more.
  • Readjusted the job schedule on a daily basis according to the most efficient routes while balancing what would work best for the customers and owners.
  • Consolidated customer data on Google Sheets in order to keep track of conversation details, job status, appointment dates, reschedules, late invoice follow-up, etc.
  • Set up system where contact form data would automatically sync from WordPress to Google Sheets to save manual work and the worry of missing a lead opportunity.
  • Researched and began process of implementing a new software system. I initially set up HubSpot but then chose to switch to Jobber based on its’ comprehensiveness.
True Strength Nutrition + Performance | Partner

Remote | From 10/2020 – Current (Part time)

  • Responsible for branding and marketing side for our group of start-ups based around fitness, lifestyle, and health supplements.
  • Created logo for True Strength Nation, which will be used for insightful content to fuel further growth into the 2 supplement branches (Nutrition + Performance).
  • After never using Shopify, I learned how to work with Liquid for further theme customization and troubleshooting. This helped save money from developers when I redesigned our Nutrition line website. I went on to create our Performance line website from start to finish (overall design, copy for each product, image/banner creation & placement, coding, etc.).
  • Scraped Instagram to come up with a list of 50+ non-sponsored fitness/lifestyle influencers who fit our criteria for a future influencer campaign.
  • Created all social media display banners and avatars for Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, & Facebook.
  • Designed True Strength Nation apparel, and designed the Performance Chocolate Milkshake Label (framework was used by designers for the rest of labels)
  • Lead development of mission and brand statements, clogo clean up, etc. COMPLETE FIRST
  • Brainstormed content ideas and came up with clear strategy for target demographic
  • Tested and workedvarious email marketing, pop-up, and other add-on tools and extensions to narrow in on tech stack.
Oracle NetSuite | Business Development Representative

Chicago, IL | From 08/2020 – 09/2021

  • Influenced 25 new business opportunities valued at $647.6K in potential ARR. This led to 4 new customers accounting for $89.6K in ARR.
  • Inbound (3 mos.): Qualified C-Level Executives via phone to uncover challenges that align with NetSuite’s cloud ERP solution. 1 of 3 BDRs recognized by Regional BDR Director for most improved amongst 50 others.
  • Outbound (9 mos.): Prospected into advertising, media, SaaS, IT, financial, healthcare, environmental, and construction companies. Owned the entire process from cold lead sourcing & go-to-market strategy/outreach, to speaking with prospects during meetings with my AEs. Adapted to a fast-changing environment through 3 unexpected territory realignments while working with 2-4 AEs at any given time.
  • Consistently exceeded expected activity metrics, with a mix of 450+ emails, calls, voicemails, videos, and LinkedIn messages per week.
  • Mentored a new BDR last quarter to use our CRM more effectively and manage her time efficiently when outbound prospecting.
  • Presented in-depth mock business reviews, business discussions, and product demos to simulate parts of the full sales cycle process.
Apple | Operations Specialist & Technical Specialist

East Lansing, MI | From 08/2017 – 06/2019

  • Managed $7-8 million worth of inventory in team of 5 and achieved 99.3% average inventory accuracy.
  • Investigated and resolved complex inventory variances using POS software, SAP, and Microsoft Excel macros.
  • Spoke with customers via phone to increase new business leads, schedule repairs, and resolve customer service issues or complications.
  • Technical Specialist Role:
    • Provided hands-on technical support to existing customers in a fast-paced retail environment, often handling 2-3 groups at once.
    • Troubleshot and solved complex software issues with iOS devices, or presented repair options/costs for any physical device issues.
    • Achieved target NPS (Net Promoter Score) by focusing on empathy towards difficult situations to rebuild customer loyalty and trust.
    • Taught new iOS users how to get started and carefully managed the data transfer process to their new device(s).
Marathon Petroleum | Wholesale Marketing Intern

Atlanta, GA | From 08/2017 – 06/2019

  • Interpreted price variance and value add trends across two markets by combining linear regression, bar/line graphs, and market intelligence. Converted data into meaningful reports and presented insights to district manager that could increase net margins by 15%.
  • Built versatile Excel analytics tool to compare and visualize YOY sales growth against the market’s economic growth. This tool would free up hours of time since it automated the lengthy process of creating a competitive financial analysis for over 40 markets across 8 states.
  • Collaborated on a team of 7 to develop and present a hypothetical marketing plan for new fuel standard to upper-management.
  • Designed Waze, Facebook, Snapchat, and video advertisement examples and presented budget to improve existing CPMs by $5-$10.


Michigan State University | Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

3.67 GPA | East Lansing, MI | Class of 2019

  • Part of Dean’s List and member of the MSU Marketing Association.
  • Created new official logo for the student government. My design was voted 1st out of 500+ entries from other students.
  • Worked closely with head of MSU DJ Club to create branding and advertising campaign to drive more awareness and growth.


Smoke & Stave – Alternate Logo Mockups2021-06-04T04:35:57+00:00
Smoke & Stave – Main Logo Mockups2021-06-04T04:33:17+00:00
Smoke & Stave – Alternate logos without stylization2021-06-04T04:22:17+00:00
Smoke & Stave – Main logos without stylization2021-06-04T04:28:23+00:00
Minimalist Manual Logo2021-06-03T18:38:23+00:00
Purdell LLC Logos2021-06-03T18:34:37+00:00
Simple Offer Logos2021-06-03T18:32:37+00:00
True Strength Final Shirt Design2021-05-26T04:40:09+00:00
True Strength Shirt Designs2021-05-26T04:37:35+00:00
True Strength Hat Design 22021-05-26T04:35:03+00:00
True Strength Hat Design 12021-05-26T04:34:17+00:00
CBB Hat Design 22021-05-26T04:29:11+00:00
CBB Hat Design 12021-05-26T04:27:34+00:00
CBB Colored Shirt Design2021-05-26T04:25:07+00:00
CBB Final Shirt Design2021-05-26T04:23:39+00:00
CBB Alternate Shirt Design2021-05-26T04:21:00+00:00
CBB Truck Sticker Design2021-05-26T04:51:28+00:00


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